Author Marita Mister believes many are having an affair with the devil and are either in love with the devil or are just blind. Venture into this book with Marita Mister as she shares her real-life experience of an adulterous affair with the devil. 

Sleeping with the Enemy affects many lives today—the saint as well as the sinner. While God’s created beings are blindfolded, Satan is stripping off the clothes, socks, and shoes of the preachers, teachers, bishops, and prophets alike. After they are vulnerable, he seeks out the lonely, depressed, brokenhearted, and victims of abuse to make sure that they are without truth and apart from God.

If you want to take off the blindfold and get out of the relationship with the enemy, if you want to change bed partners and see through the eyes of Jesus, read Sleeping with the Enemy and get a good night’s rest.